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The Gallery is a musical fantasy based upon a short  tale by the Spanish writer Antonio Dyaz. The story talks about the mistery of fifteen stolen canvases...  

The pictures can be visited separately, obtaining additional information, poetic texts, and a big image of each picture. Besides, you can listening musical excerpts from every piece, in MP3 format, before ordering on-line the whole track.  HERE  you have more information about how order the music.

Original electronic music, composed for this project during four years by Antonio Dyaz, in the X anniversary of the avant-garde isolationist band El sueño de Hyparco (1988-1998). This work has the casual collaborations of another important Spanish musicians, like Suso Saiz, Javier Paxariño, Iury Lech or Luis Delgado, in a very special frieze of sounds.


Now "The Gallery" has inspired the feature film "Off", written and directed by Dyaz, becoming a soundtrack. Visit the official web at



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