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The pictures    

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  This are the 15 stolen canvas (see Tale).

           Visit them clicking on the images. You can obtain a big image, a poethic related text, information about the music, audio excerpts and more interesting details.

     You can buy the musical pieces HERE.


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Claude Monet, Rouen Cathedral (1913) franqlow.jpg (4382 bytes)                 
tintolow.jpg (5075 bytes) Manuel Franquelo, Without title (1992)
Il Tintoretto, The lady who reveals her breast (1545) waterlow.jpg (6750 bytes)
goyalow.jpg (4713 bytes) John William Waterhouse, The lady of Shallot (1888)
Francisco de Goya, Perro semihundido (1850) dalilow.jpg (5624 bytes)
vanlow.jpg (7450 bytes) Salvador Dalí, El sueño (1937)
Vincent Van Gogh, Wheel of prisoners (1891) kandilow.jpg (8823 bytes)
rotkolow.jpg (4634 bytes) Vassily Kandinsky, Sur blanc (1915)
Mark Rothko, Red over black (1930) munchlow.jpg (7605 bytes)
hoppelow.jpg (5485 bytes) Edvard Munch, Madonna (1948)
Edward Hopper, Windows at night (1928) ucellow.jpg (7393 bytes)
fischlow.jpg (6668 bytes) Paolo Ucelllo, Sant George and the dragon (1458)
Eric Fischl, Bad boy (1964) caravlow.jpg (7068 bytes)
mompolow.jpg (2794 bytes) Il Caravaggio, The lute player (1590)
Manuel Mompó, Estelas en un paisaje (1979)

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